Innovation and Competitiveness in the World Economy

Warsaw, June 6, 2011

Warsaw School of Economics
Building C, Auditorium I
Al. Niepodległości 128

The World Economy Research Institute is pleased to announce its annual conference on competitiveness.  This event aims to stimulate the discussion between international researchers conducting rela­ted empirical and theoretical analysis as well as business representatives and policy makers.

The conference will also be an occasion to present the results of the research published in the current edition of the World Economy Research Institute’s annual report: Poland. Competitiveness Report 2011. Focus on Manufacturing.  The report, published already for over twenty years, assesses Poland’s competitive position in the world economy. This year’s edition draws particular attention to the competitiveness of the Polish manufacturing sector.

Conference objectives

  • To discuss the impact of the recent economic crisis on competitiveness of the European Union Member States compared to other countries of the world economy
  • To assess the influence of innovation on competitiveness from countries’, sectors’ and enterprises’ perspective
  • To examine innovation and diffusion processes in manufacturing
  • To compare innovation activity of foreign-owned and domestically owned firms
  • To disseminate good practice in innovation policy making

Scientific Committee:

  • Professor Marzenna Anna Weresa, PhD
  • Professor Guenter Heiduk, PhD
  • Professor Józef Olszyński, PhD
  • Arkadiusz Kowalski, PhD
  • Andreas Bielig, PhD
  • Mariusz-Jan Radło, PhD

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World Economy Research Institute Conference
Innovation and Competitiveness in the World Economy

Warsaw, June 6, 2011
Warsaw School of Economics, Al. Niepodległości 128, Building C Auditorium I